Infragard, FBI and Duo are Stopping the Bad Guys

Due to scheduling conflicts, we have to postpone the Infragard, FBI and Duo are Stopping the Bad Guys event in Birmingham. This event was originally going to take place on Monday, August 6. The event will now take place on:

Wednesday, September 12 and will remain from 11am-1pm CST
B&A Warehouse | 1531 First Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35233

Today’s IT platforms are more secure than ever before, but the risk of data breaches is still higher. Your IT infrastructure has changed (cloud, BYOD, etc.) but your security hasn’t. Attackers are targeting end users directly which pushes the need to establish a Zero Trust initiative, 95% of all breaches involve compromised end user credentials; 70% of all breaches involve compromised end user devices. How can you take a modern approach to reducing the risk of data breaches?

Join Scott Augenbaum, former FBI Special Agent to learn why almost 90% of the Cyber Crime activity seen throughout his career could have been prevented.

He will be discussing:

  • How usable security is the most effective security in practice
  • How to win the hearts of your users and business with multi-factor authentication
  • Why a single platform can replace several mobile, cloud and authentication products
  • How companies such as Facebook are securing BYOD, users and cloud apps using Duo

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We hope you’ll join us for lunch!

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