Monthly Archives: May 2020

IBMA Infracast On Demand: Open Source Intelligence Investigative Tools and Trade-Craft

The agility of technology and stiffness of government created a class of criminal more headlong and destructive than any previously encountered. To combat these new culprits, fraud fighters must adapt their reactionary approach, which served them well for the previous century, for a proactive attitude to fight fraud on the digital frontier. Through attending this presentation, fraud fighters will add

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IBMA InfraCast On Demand: Facility Access Control Technologies During COVID-19

Watch this on demand: We welcome guests Mark Quimby, of Security Engineers, Inc., and Steve McClinton, Vice President of Sales at X.Labs, to discuss the challenges government and public facilities have faced during teh COVID-19 pandemic and emerging technologies organizations can use to monitor visitors and employees for signs of fever. Specific technologies discussed includes artificial intelligence (AI) based systems

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