February Defense In Depth: Raising The Bar

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Thanks Again Joshua xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx As attacks become more sophisticated, are we, the defenders, keeping pace?  What is defense in depth, what does it accomplish, and how is it changing.  Also covered, the NSA's High Assurance Platform and what it means to you.  And the most import part of security and defense, navigating at layer …


January Alabama EMA Tour

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Alabama EMA tour xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Alabama EMA tour on Tuesday January 11had to be canceled due to inclement weather.

December Cross Site Scripting Presentation

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Great Presentation David xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx David Wharton's excellent Cross-Site Scripting presentation and the BeEF demo. Defending from the criminals often requires us to understand their tools and resources. This was an excellent example and I'm sure all who attended came away with a new perspective on website security. Below you will find a link to …

October StuxNet Presentation

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Well Done Joshua, Well Done xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I want to thank Joshua Smith for his presentation on the StuxNet malware. If you missed the presentation or you would simply like to review what was covered, here are links to Joshua's BLOG and to his presentation PDF. StuxNet Technical Political and Business Analysis StuxNet Presentation